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What you hold in your hand is an important, and potentially life-altering, book – and if you ever read other self-help books before, you may be in for a surprise: This one works, because it is backed up by several hundred scientific research studies which show that, paradoxically, happiness is not found in the tense and egotistical search for happiness per se, but by looking out for purpose and responsibility, and existential and psychological maturity. This book develops this theme in a fine web of several interconnected chapters and is especially commended for its practical applicability in everyday and business life. Finally, a book which bridges the gap between scientific and existential psychology and self-help literature. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Batthyany, Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna 

Logotherapy is a school of thought in psychology that illustrates the very art of living a satisfying and meaningful life.  A book that enhances our understanding of how to find meaning and fulfillment in every area of our lives, as this book indeed does, is to be highly recommended!

Dr Teria Shantall, President, the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, South Africa.

The stimulating book written by Marcia and Paul, sheds a vivid new light on the work of Viktor Frankl – on the one hand, and gives a life size example for every woman – on the other. I find this book very important from many aspects; not to mention the politics of identity perspective. Marcia Griffin is an inspiration to women everywhere. She is one of those people who encourage others to believe in themselves and achieve. This book is a gem!

Nira Tessler (Ph.D.) is a lecturer on the history of art and design at various Israeli academic institutions in Israel. She specializes in international modern art, Israeli art and design. Her research focuses on visual culture and the “New Woman” art of the first decades of the twentieth century—from sociological, gender, and psychological perspectives—within the discourse on the politics of identity.

I was happy to hear from you!  I did review all the attachments and found them helpful to grasp the basic outline and basic content of the book.  I wholeheartedly endorse your book.  I believe the potential readers will not only enjoy reading it but will be enthusiastic in applying it in their lives.  Congratulations on your manuscript. Best regards, julius 

Julius M. Rogina, Ph.D., ABMPP
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist 
Accredited Member, International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA), Vienna, Austria; Diplomate, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Abilene, Texas, USA
Certification, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

We seem to be afraid of conversation in modern society. Technology and other electronic playthings draw us into an internal world where we have little time and equally little desire to reach out to others. We retreat to the safety of our networks and shun community involvement and engagement with those unknown. It is refreshing then to be participants in the genuine conversation between the authors of Finding New Meaning in Life. This is a self-discovery book which shies away from the guru preaching model and affirms the importance of a dynamic dialogue in order to gather wisdom from two well-credentialed individuals.

Tom Cranitch, In-House Counsel | McNab, Brisbane, Australia

Fascinating! What a relief to read an excerpt that goes beyond the concrete and the "how to" strategies; to address the more meaningful and fulfilling internal driving force that moves you from the robotic functioning  to healthy and purposeful choices. 

I also found the approach practical and useful as it grounds the theory into the practical business and personal day to day journey. I think that the conversation approach would help the general public to understand, identify with and make use of the concepts as well as the application.

Greg Farrugia, Psychologist, Brisbane.

Leaders from two different worlds. Paul and Marcia click in an enlightening and entertaining dialogue that communicates real life wisdom. While the topics are timeless, the authors' discussion is at once contemporary and approachable. Readers will be taken on a unique journey with a payoff that can last a lifetime.

Marshall H. Lewis, Ph.D., Associate Editor, The International Forum for Logotherapy, USA.

Through the conversations of Paul and Marcia, Viktor Frankl's philosophy of life and clinical theory have been democratised and become a valuable resource not only for individual help but attaining employee engagement and humanising the work place as well.  . 

Memduh Özmert, Atos Turkiye Local Factory Head, Istanbul, Turkey.

An easy to read book which focuses on practical, self-help for attaining a more fulfilling and purposeful life through a conversational approach would have broad appeal. Life’s meaning, like happiness, need not be episodic but through examination of self, one’s purpose in life and relationships, it can become more positive, cumulative and growth promoting. Done through a framework of Logotherapy based on Viktor Frankl’s principles, readers can gain a deeper understanding of self on life’s journey through deeper insights into one’s motivations, purposes and life’s paradoxes.

Dr. Eugene Kaminski, Deputy Dean of Education (ret.)
Australian Catholic University.

How to live a Meaning-filled Live, while pursuing one’s Purpose responsibly, is a very timely topic. In our rapidly globalizing world is will be essential to respect each other despite diversity, while being authentic in our interactions. Finding New Meaning in Life points out how to activating one’s own inner resources and engage fully in life – then lasting happiness can ensue. 

Ann V. Graber, DMin, PhD, DD (h.c.) , Professor of  Pastoral Logotherapy
Director of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy, Indiana USA.  author of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy

The authors highlight main tenets of Viktor FRANKL'S seminal works and invite readers to examine our individual paths to a life of meaning and significance. The book addresses essential questions that people of all ages are asking ourselves in today's world of uncertainty. It is written in an engaging and solution-based format and is filled with practical approaches to finding meaning regardless of age or personal circumstances.

Geri Marr Burdman, Ph.D.
President, GeroWise International, USA 
Author “Healthful Aging”; “Joyful Aging.”

The insights of Logotherapy get to the heart of human motivation and human fulfilment. This book makes those insights accessible to people living busy lives in the busy world of business.

The Revd Canon Professor Leslie J Francis
Professor of Religions and Education
Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, United Kingdom

The work of Viktor Frankl is brought to life in this stimulating book by Paul and Marcia. Meaning, including its search, is core to our being and transcends much of what is offered in leadership and management development programs which are often faddish in nature. This book will appeal to a broad audience, but executive coaches, leaders, and counsellors will gain great value from absorbing its contents.

 Peter Macqueen, Psychologist (Organisational ,Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants (Australia),Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society

I read the chapter of your proposed book with much pleasure.  It is certainly engaging and offers so much for prolonged reflection.  The book is an invitation to grow a little more decently and nurture empathy.  Paul and Marcia make a good team and present concepts of life in a very simple an understandable way. This will make excellent reading.  

Denis McLaughlin 
Associate Professor in Educational Leadership,Faculty of Education and Arts Australian Catholic University

The authors have found an unusual yet effective means to introduce Victor Frankl’s  most central ideas to readers. By engaging in dialogue, they bring to life what Frankl wanted people to know, such as the concept of purpose as the engine that fires action and leads to fulfilling lives. This book promises an engaging and informative read.

Dr. Angela Ebert  Head of Postgraduate Counselling Programs
Murdoch University

Paul and Marcia’s conversations within a book environment certainly holds my attention and the logotherapy input within Paul’s responses give a good insight into Logotherapy as a workable self-help tool in our life journey

“Storm” (Name withheld) Counselling Client. Victim and survivor of domestic violence. Her story at #58 Logotalk Radio

I have known Marcia Griffin nearly all my life, she has encouraged me to follow my dreams and work at something that has deep meaning for me.

I am delighted she can reach out through her new book with Dr Paul Mc Quillan and encourage others to live a life well lived.

Mim Bartlett,Senior Associate Xplore for Success

There are many books that woefully fail the 'so what' test.  However, your work does not. I think the coalescing of Frankl's insights with those from the world of business is a wonderful project.  If the insights garnered from such work penetrate the world of business, then only good will come from it.  I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Mike Staunton PhD, M.Ed, Graduate Diploma School Counselling; B.Ed

I really enjoyed the first chapter/preface on purpose! I like the way lots of short, concise and very telling examples are weaved into the text/both texts. It makes for an easy and highly relevant read – and you hardly realize you’re actually being ‘taught’ something (or learning something). It’s a great balance between things you might already know and things that are worth considering, either into more depth than you usually do in your daily life, or because the text makes you look at them from a new/fresh perspective and invites you to contemplate them further (and find their relevance and meaning for your own life).

Sabine Indinger, Logotherapist and Journalist, Vienna.

This is a timely book that draws on the lived experience of the authors. Readers are encouraged to reflect more deeply on what is important for them and their lives, and so live life more fully, healthily and happily.

Barry Buckley, Educationist, Australia, Principal Emeritus St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, Brisbane.

This book is bringing together two interesting perspectives that aren't often heard in conversation together. Theoretical insights need to be fleshed out in practical situations and practical wisdom needs the clarification and challenge that comes from theory. I'm intrigued to see where Marcia and Paul's conversation will go.

Graham Stanton Christian Youth Worker, Australia.

Endorsements from around the world