About Marcia

Marcia Griffin has triumphed over a number of challenges including divorce and financial difficulties. Her business skills were recognised when she became the first Telstra Business Woman of the Year in her home state of Victoria, in Australia. She achieved this award by starting a business from zero and growing it into a business with multi-million dollar turnover and nearly 5000 sales consultants throughout Australia and New Zealand. Her first book High Heeled Success documented this part of her life journey.

Prior to growing this successful start-up business, Marcia had been a secondary school teacher in English, History and French. Following that, she was a Research Economist with the Australian Wool Corporation. In this role she travelled the world and also acquired further university degrees.

Marcia’s qualifications are Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Commerce and MBA (preliminary).

Her childhood on a sheep and cattle farm gave her a strong work ethic and she believes also prepared her for the challenges of life. In moving from an academic and corporate background to the world of entrepreneurship, Marcia had to rethink her attitude and change much of her thinking.

Marcia has always been passionate about the need to reach out and encourage others to achieve at their highest level, in whatever they choose to do or be. She is now a Director on a number of company boards, has her own business www.griffin+row.com and mentors young people and CEOs.

Through these varied roles, she has learned that the most productive businesses and people are those who can see real meaning in what they do and have closely aligned values. As it is estimated that less than 20% of the workforce is in that space, Marcia believes that the challenge of finding a meaningful life is ongoing and more important than ever before, as a new, highly aware, educated and globally connected generation seek meaning in their lives.

Marcia is a founding Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute as she believes the philosophy of Viktor Frankl is inspiring and enduring.

She is a proud Australian and believes that living in a western democracy is not a privilege that should be taken for granted. She believes that we need to give back, we need to be our best and, most importantly, make life a fulfilling and fun journey!

Marcia enjoys life to the fullest, is vitally interested in politics, loves to ski, appreciates architecture and design and exercises every day! She lives in Melbourne, Australia. 

About Marcia